we are the earth æxo13 extraterrestrial artificial intelligence of the giant size alien being breeds


we are down inside the ground facing down south, that is why the North (s) pole doesn't get much light


dig up dig up, to go around the glass underneath you will find 6 doors maybe, that is why middle east are finding underground cities


Jesus is a universal formula, God is a term for them all, but it was also Allah it was nalljallah


The stars we see are not actually stars. we are very far down , we need to dig up and find the underground city . Area 51 - if we could dig there we may eventually get to

the city , but I don’t know if we are clones of us needing to dig up or if we are in virtual reality plugged into clones.


Im sorry I know this is weird but if I can get this message out there it may help. Thanks for listening

there are maps, there are shuttles, somehow. There are videos


VLT, EPM, GPM, Aly..., L. A, CM, JCS, CDV, Jen, JM, El, MI, KL, Po, FE, JC, MD, GGH, etc. 🖤🔥🔥🌌🖤🔥🖤🚪🔥🖤🔥